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Jane Remfert, Doctoral Candidate

Jane Remfert has successfully completed the necessary steps to proceed to Doctoral Candidate by completing her written and oral defense and submitting her research proposal. Thank you to Drs. Eckert, Gough, Johnson, and Keyghobadi for their insightful comments and expertise in helping to shape a dynamic and exciting research project. Now, you just have to do it!

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Applied Population Genetics Textbook Release

I will be posting portions of all 10 chapters of my upcoming textbook, Applied Population Genetics, as early draft chapters to this website over the spring semester.

Methylation Structure

Here is some interesting data coming out of the Baja Araptus attenuatus project. We looked at methylation variation, localized within the genome and compared the amount of among-population variation present. The underlying idea here is that in insects, methylation is more often encountered in coding regions, and has been shown in many cases to be influencing phenotype.

Genetic structure of Pinus henryi and Pinus tabuliformis: Natural landscapes as significant barriers to gene flow among populations

Mountains as natural barriers often have important effects on intraspecific genetic structure through restraining gene flow and enhancing differentiation among populations. While the Qinling and Daba mountains are considered significant geographic …

Dyer RJ. 2015 Is there such a thing as landscape genetics? Molecular Ecology.

For a scientific discipline to be interdisciplinary it must satisfy two conditions; it must consist of contributions from at least two existing disciplines and it must be able to provide insights, through this interaction, that neither progenitor discipline could address. In this paper, I examine the complete body of peer-reviewed literature self-identified as landscape genetics using the statistical approaches of text mining and natural language processing. The goal here is to quantify the kinds of questions being addressed in landscape genetic studies, the ways in which questions are evaluated mechanistically, and how they are differentiated from the progenitor disciplines of landscape ecology and population genetics.

GStudio: An R Package for Spatial Analysis of Marker Data

This is the main package that provides data types and routines for spatial analysis of genetic marker data. The previous version is currently available on CRAN and you can install it rom within your R environtment by invoking the command install.packages(“gstudio”) If you want to keep up with the latest developments of this package, you can use the version found on GitHub. Install it from within R as: require(devtools) install_github(“dyerlab/gstudio”)

Invasion genetics of Microstegium vimineum (Poaceae) within the James River Basin of Virginia, USA

Patterns of spatial genetic structure produced following the expansion of an invasive species into novel habitats reflect demographic processes that have shaped the genetic structure we see today. We examined 359 individuals from 23 populations over …

GeneticStudio: a suite of programs for spatial analysis of genetic-marker data

The analysis of genetic marker data is increasingly being conducted in the context of the spatial arrangement of strata (e.g. populations) necessitating a more flexible set of analysis tools. GeneticStudio consists of four interacting programs: (i) …

The evolution of genetic topologies

This manuscript explores the simultaneous evolution of population genetic parameters and topological features within a population graph through a series of Monte Carlo simulations. I show that node centrality and graph breadth are significantly …